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Hood Ventilation System

Adds a steady stream of external air into your hood, increasing comfort when using hoods for prolonged periods. Kit includes fan motor, bladder and fire resistant hose and can easily be installed in any TCG, LAN or CAT Series arc flash hood (CAT series requires a belt mounted unit).

SKU Description MSRP
HVS-4B-BM Fresh Air Belt Mounted, Diffuser & Fan $320
HVS-4B-PM Fresh Air Hood Mounted, Diffuser & Fan $260

Arc Flash Cooling Vest

For use UNDER Oberon Arc Flash suits.  It cools your torso from body heat due to exertion. Vests are constructed of FRT Cotton and feature easy on/off zippered front. Vest includes  a set of 8 cooling packs with special non-flammable, non-toxic aqueous gel.  Adjusts to a wide range of waist and chest

SKU Description MSRP
CV-ARC-REG Arc Flash Cooling Vest-Regular $225
CV-ARC-TALL Arc Flash Cooling Vest-Tall $225
CV-PACK-EACH Individual Packs for Cooling $20
CV-PACK-SET Set of 8 Single Cooling Packs $125

Deluxe Storage Bag & Shield Bag

Deluxe Storage Bag has a hard plastic bottom and is perfect for storage of clothing sets, glove kits and tool kits. Storage bag measures 25” x 18” x 10”

Nylon shield bag  is perfect for storing your hard cap. and shield.

SKU Description MSRP
KITBAG Deluxe Kit Bag for Arc Flash Gear $105
STORAGEBAG-NAVY Economy Storage Bag for Arc Flash Gear $30
SHLDBAG-NYLON Nylon Carry Bag for Arc Shield $25

LED Hood Light

easily clips onto the front of the TCG or LAN

Series hood for additional light when needed

SKU Description MSRP
+LAMP LED Lamp for Arc Flash Hood $80