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Rubber Electrical Gloves & Glove Kits

Available in Class 00, 0 from sizes Sizes 7—12, and Class 1 & 2 from sizes 8-12

Glove Kits include rubber electrical gloves, leather protectors and a canvas storage bag.

Meets: ASTM D120 & ASTM F696 Guidelines

Rubber Insulating Gloves are designed and constructed to act as a barrier between the user and the energy/voltage, to insulate the user from electric shock. The STM D120 standard outlines the protection that the glove provides. The rubber gloves are thicker as their protection increases. The rubber gloves will provide protection against either Alternating Current (AC) as well as Direct Current (DC), up to the levels detailed in the standard as well as typically on the labeling, which is required to be affixed to each glove. It is important NOT to exceed the USE voltage detailed to avoid injury.

  • Each Glove is Pretested. No further testing is required as long as first use of the gloves is within 12 months of the date stamp
  • Glove Kit includes pair of rubber electrical insulating gloves, pair of goat skin leather protectors (thinner for better dexterity) and canvas glove storage bag
  • Rubber Gloves are manufactured of Black Rubber using an aqueous dip method for thinner glove, better feel & dexterity
  • Rubber Gloves are 11” Length with Rolled Cuff
  • Also available individually
  • Meets ASTM D120 and ASTM F696
  • Rubber Glove & Leather are imported. Glove Bag made in USA

How do I inspect my gloves?
Every pair of gloves must be inspected prior to EVERY USE. This inspection will evaluate the glove for any degradation or damage. A visual inspection will include looking for damage such as surface cracking, abrasions or punctures that may diminish the gloves’ protection. Additionally, it is important to conduct an inflation test to determine if the glove have been punctured by prior use. This can be accomplished by grasping the glove at the cuff and spinning them, trapping some air within the gloves. Squeeze the glove and carefully listen and feel for escaping air through the glove. If you feel or hear escaping air, the gloves should not be used. Glove inflating devises are also available.

Gloves should be kept in a clean, dry place, such as a glove bag in between use, to insure the useful product life of the gloves.

Leather Protectors are designed to provide mechanical protection for the rubber gloves, protecting them against potential puncture.

Contact your supervisor or the standards for further information.

What does PRETESTED mean?
All Rubber Insulating Gloves must be tested and certified prior to use, in accordance with the ASTM F496 standard. This involves subjecting the actual gloves to voltage testing and inspection. A glove that successfully passes the testing is marked with the date of testing. Gloves that fail the testing will be marked as failure and typically discarded, or returned to the client to be discarded.

All rubber gloves sold by Oberon have been tested in batch. This typically means that the gloves are tested at the time of manufacturing, rather than at the time of sale. The ASTM F496 standard allows for up to 12 months from testing to first use by the consumer. This efficiency can mean a substantial cost savings to the consumer, with no loss of protection or quality of the gloves. More importantly, batch testing does not diminish the useful life of the glove. The gloves still retain their full useful life, detailed in the standard, from the date of first use, not from the test date, typically 6 months from the first time the gloves are used.

SKU Description MSRP
GLVKT-BRC0-1107 Glove Kit Class 0, Size 7, 500 VAC $141
GLVKT-BRC0-1108 Glove Kit Class 0, Size 8, 500 VAC $141
GLVKT-BRC0-1109 Glove Kit Class 0, Size 9, 500 VAC $141
GLVKT-BRC0-1110 Glove Kit Class 0, Size 10, 500 VAC $141
GLVKT-BRC0-1111 Glove Kit Class 0, Size 11, 500 VAC $141
GLVKT-BRC0-1112 Glove Kit Class 0, Size 12, 500 VAC $141
GLVKT-BRC00-1107 Glove Kit Class 00, Size 7, 1000 VAC $134
GLVKT-BRC00-1108 Glove Kit Class 00, Size 8, 1000 VAC $134
GLVKT-BRC00-1109 Glove Kit Class 00, Size 9, 1000 VAC $134
GLVKT-BRC00-1110 Glove Kit Class 00, Size 10, 1000 VAC $134
GLVKT-BRC00-1111 Glove Kit Class 00, Size 11, 1000 VAC $134
GLVKT-BRC00-1112 Glove Kit Class 00, Size 12, 1000 VAC $134
GLVKT-BRC1-1408 Glove Kit Class 1, Size 8, 7500 VAC $200
GLVKT-BRC1-1409 Glove Kit Class 1, Size 9, 7500 VAC $200
GLVKT-BRC1-1410 Glove Kit Class 1, Size 10, 7500 VAC $200
GLVKT-BRC1-1411 Glove Kit Class 1, Size 11, 7500 VAC $200
GLVKT-BRC1-1412 Glove Kit Class 1, Size 12, 7500 VAC $200
GLVKT-BRC2-1408 Glove Kit Class 2, Size 8, 17000 VAC $244
GLVKT-BRC2-1409 Glove Kit Class 2, Size 9, 17000 VAC $244
GLVKT-BRC2-1410 Glove Kit Class 2, Size 10, 17000 VAC $244
GLVKT-BRC2-1411 Glove Kit Class 2, Size 11, 17000 VAC $244
GLVKT-BRC2-1412 Glove Kit Class 2, Size 12, 17000 VAC $244