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What is True Color Grey?

Our patented TCG technology (patent number US9498382B2) has finally solved the biggest problem electricians face when wearing appropriate arc flash protection, the issue of color distortion through protective shields.

What is True Color Grey? It is a medium density filter that allows all wavelengths of visible light to pass through without causing any color distortion. The end result is a nearly clear experience for the worker when performing complex electrical tasks. With the advent of this new technology, electrical workers will no longer struggle to see colored wires or colored electrical tape while working energized.

See the difference

The TCG shield/window is standard with and TCG Series and LAN Series Arc Flash Clothing  Sets and Deluxe Contractor Kits.

TCG Shields/Hood Windows are available in 8, 12, 25, 40 and 65 Cal


VLT is a measure of visible light transmission, but not all colors are transmitted equally.  To trick the eye into thinking there is more light, we make yellow the predominate color, like yellow/green tint of the green IR arc shield.  But the other colors like the blues and reds are distorted.  Example, put on a pair of yellow/amber lens sporting glasses and things look brighter. But there is no more light.

TCG or True Color Grey is a neutral density filter.  Rather than accentuating the yellow wavelengths, the TCG shield/window transmits all the colors (violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red) in equal amounts.  So the colors are not distorted and you will see all the colors clearly.

The transmission curves below show the difference between a 100 calorie Oberon Green IR (green curve) window and a 100 calorie Oberon TCG (red curve) window.

The proof is looking through the TCG shield or window.  If you do not have one, request a demo sample lens and notice how clearly you see color.